My folks were here this month and we miss them already. I have a preference for candid shots and rarely have a subject look directly in my camera. The reason: I’m straining for that image that tells the whole story. This one made me melt. 

I’ve always had a close relationship with my dad thanks in large part to dad-daughter dates beginning when I was twelve. In the adolescent years to follow, his attentions and affection smoothed out the road bumps along my coming-of-age. My dad is a man of quiet, humble strength with such a tenderness about him. Dave had a lot to stack up to in replacing dad as my protector and provider. Dave’s strength has made it easy to “leave and cleave” but there’s a dad-shaped place in my heart only he fills.

So much tugged at me in this image – the contrast of dad’s snowy white hair against Cora’s…his stooped posture telling me he’d carry the world on his shoulders for her (in addition to her forty pounds). Dad carried me through some tough times and there’s a little girl in me that still clings to him this way.


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