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Foggy Beach Morning: Avalon, NJ

I have a thing for foggy beaches. They’re ethereal — completely magical. Knowing this, I was


People who live in warm climates can never fully appreciate what they have. The day before we left for this little

On the Farm

At the beginning of the month we left city (ok suburban) life behind for a week to spend time with my family on my

Slowing Down in Avalon

Traditions are happiness on repeat. One of our favorites takes us to Avalon, New Jersey each year. It’s a reunion

Anniversary in the Alps

Y’all knew this was comin’. Photography-crazed friend goes on a whirlwind anniversary trip to the Alps and

A Letter to My Daughters

My Sweet Girls, The other night at the dinner table we were talking about the longevity of friendships. When

Oh, Instagram.

I recently hopped aboard the Instagram train. People – that place is crack for creatives. When I dove


I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions. They’d only be the same and always set me up for

A Love Letter to Photographers

Dear Photographer, I meet you everywhere now and it thrills me. We’re all in different stages and I love cheering

Receiving Beauty

I’m currently an Alumni Helper is a class I took last winter called “Photographing with Heart and

Family Session: Mine!

Last week I photographed a remarkable family. Grandparents with hearts of gold and six of the cutest kids I’ve

Victoria, Vancouver and Alaska

Dave’s folks celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this year. We are so grateful for their legacy of love as

Back to Avalon

Every summer we return to the beach where two years ago I sensed that my passion and pursuit had finally aligned with

A Letter to My Daughter

My Beautiful Girl, Your teachers told us a sweet story recently about my favorite little hand. Your classmates were

Puerto Rico

OK, don’t hate the Murgs. Yes, we escaped Boston’s freezing temps and endless snow…but barely —