Anniversary in the Alps

Y’all knew this was comin’. Photography-crazed friend goes on a whirlwind anniversary trip to the Alps and you’re invited to see it through her eyes. Give these photos only a passing glance and go yourself as soon as you can! I actually debated even blogging these because a.) I don’t want to be obnoxious, and b.) it really wasn’t about the photos for me. Here’s what is was about…

The man.  Ten years ago I married a man I truly don’t deserve. He’s the calm to my crazy and the wind in my sails. With few exceptions, I’ve woken up next to him 3,650 mornings and, in the fullness of life, the years have sped by. On the inside of our wedding rings is inscribed: “My love, the more each year”. It’s a phrase from a poem Dave wrote me when he proposed and the heart song of our marriage. We’re no perfect couple. We fight and we flail but we’re in this for better or worse – gorgeous days exploring the Alps and whatever may lie ahead.

Feeling small. My favorite moment of our trip – the memory I’ve tucked away and keep pulling out – occurred in a tiny restaurant in a small Bavarian village called Mittenwald. When we travel we find other Americans a major buzz kill so try to eat off the beaten path. Dave chose a little gem of a place and when we arrived around 8pm it was packed with locals and had only two seats left. We were seated in the center of a tiny dining room – including a group of men in lederhosen (they REALLY wear them!) in from a day’s work.  As I listened to the German conversation (growing louder with each beer), I became totally pulled into the narrative all around me. Dave recognized that look in my eye (when I see a story) and had to only ask “What?” when I started crying! People, I broke down with happy tears and the lady facing me (on her fifth beer and mostly sober), started crying too. As we smiled at each other, with only happy tears as a common language, it hit me – I’m just a speck on this big, gorgeous marble. Every story is as significant as mine – each as beautiful as the next. It was the perspective shift I need every day and I hope sticks around a long time.

Thanks for reading my ramblings. Here’s a little glimpse into our Alpine adventure…









Linderhof Palace


Ettal Abbey


Hohenschwangau Castle












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