A Garden Tale

There were once two little girls who traveled many miles to another-worldly place called Colonial Williamsburg. The styles and customs of this place both confused and delighted them. In their eagerness to fit in, they donned period-style dresses and, as it was quite hot and humid, their parents purchased fans for each of them. 

Within an hour the novelty of their attire had worn off and the little girls were becoming weary of adults droning on about the past. Whining and complaining ensued until their Fairy Grandmother (accompanying them on this journey) told them of a beautiful garden maze. 

Upon finding the maze, the little girls’ eyes widened and their hearts quickened as one challenged the other to find the center first. Off they ran into the thicket, their laughter ringing through the garden with their mother in chase behind. In this enchanted maze, the  heat of the day was no longer felt, only seen in the red cheeks of the little girls at play and time seemed to stand still.  

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