Family session: Piers Park (East Boston)

Sometimes life feels so fragile. In the past few weeks it’s been my humble privilege to enter into some really

Family session: Arnold Arboretum (Boston, MA)

I’ve been thinking a lot about why clients might request a family session. You might book a family session to

Foggy Beach Morning: Avalon, NJ

I have a thing for foggy beaches. They’re ethereal — completely magical. Knowing this, I was

Newborn Session: At Home (Hingham, MA)

Photography is a such life-giving gig. A family has a major life event then invites me (a perfect stranger!) into their

Newborn Session: at home (North Andover, MA)

Motherhood isn’t a guarantee and yesterday was hard for some. We’ve all known too much endless waiting and

Family Session: At Home (South End, Boston)

The story of family is one I’ll never tire of telling. Every family it’s my privilege to photograph has a

Newborn session: at home (Lexington, MA)

You might remember this family. Well, then they were four…and she’s the sweetest thing ever.

Family Session: at home (Lexington, MA)

I’m so behind on blogging, this is actually part one of this beautiful family’s story in photos.


People who live in warm climates can never fully appreciate what they have. The day before we left for this little

Newborn Session: At Home in Boston

One advantage of being months behind in blogging is the joy of looking back on images I loved at first sight. These

Family Session: at home in Lincoln, MA

I love photographing this family. This was my third time capturing these lovelies and I’m reminded each time what

Family Session: Arnold Arboretum (Boston)

Next to where I edit is pinned this quote from a course instructor of mine…. The frame is your canvas, The moment

Family Session: Rock Meadow (Belmont)

I’ve always been inspired by light and locations. Rock Meadow Reservation in Belmont is a new favorite. I would

Family Session: Rock Meadow Reservation, Belmont

A sure sign that my style is a good fit for a family is when they keep cuddling long after I’ve gotten the shot

Family Session: Rock Meadow, Belmont

Every session comes down to one image for me – the one I instantly recall when I see a family again or they come